SEDV 2018 Research Presentation

Haskayne School of Business 

University of Calgary 

AB, Canada 

July 16, 2018

Marvin Mayo, MSc. 

Co-founder, LITD Alliance 

Marvin moved to Calgary from the Philippines in 2016 where he found a great opportunity to grow his career. His interest in various fields such as climate change, green buildings, renewable energy, and sustainable development, had led him to pursue a Masters in Sustainable Energy Development at the University of Calgary.


During his research, he focused his studies on developing a remote indigenous people’s community – the Dumagat tribes, in the Sierra Madre Mountains in the Philippines. He believes that access to electricity – particularly quality light, is a critical foundation for holistic development. In his capstone project, Marvin explored the use of Solar Home Lighting Systems for the Dumagat Community. The research focused on the design & optimization of solar systems, economic study, and assessment of environmental benefits. Marvin graduated from the program in November 2018.


As a result, Marvin co-founded the Light in the Darkness Alliance – a group which aims to encourage individuals, organizations, and firms to help implement the outcomes of the research study.


Also, Marvin advocates for environmental stewardship and climate action. When he was still an instructor at the University of the East (in the Philippines), he founded ColloquiumPH – a youth-led group of volunteers spearheading different projects (e.g. research symposia, seminars, workshops and field activities) that promotes information drive and call to action for the public to protect the environment. Marvin is a registered mechanical engineer in the Philippines. He ranked No.2 in the National Board Examination for Mechanical Engineers in 2008. 

Light in the Darkness Alliance

LITD Alliance is a non-profit organization that originated from Calgary and is based in Manila. We are focused on providing remote indigenous peoples' communities in the Philippines, access to clean and sustainable electricity.

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With your generous support, thousands of indigenous peoples will gain access to sustainable electricity and clean energy – giving them hope for a better future

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