Community Engagement 

We look, feel & listen to the needs of the community we serve. Our approach to community development is founded on common understanding, mutual respect and integrity. Thus, we deeply engage with the people and encourage them to participate in every activity we do in the community. In this way,  we aspire to transcend to them the virtue of social responsibility and environmental stewardship within their small communities which are anchored in the sustainable electricity we provided to them. Our Implementing Partners oversees that these virtues are realized through monitoring and evaluating the communities' responses and encouraging their participation in community development projects sponsored by them. 


LITD Alliance sponsors the sustainable energy systems to the beneficiary communities as grants. We provide pro -bono engineering and scientific design studies in determining the best approach to tackle the community's energy needs. And with the help of our LITD Funding Partners, making these designs to reality would now be possible. Knowing the related risks incorporated with grants similar to these, our implementing partners ensures that every beneficiary would adhere to Memorandum of Understanding that the households committed. Some of which includes the participation of the beneficiaries in community development projects, ensuring that their children go to school, and diverting the money saved from energy for food for the children.  


Light in the Darkness Alliance

LITD Alliance is a non-profit organization that originated from Calgary and is based in Manila. We are focused on providing remote indigenous peoples' communities in the Philippines, access to clean and sustainable electricity.

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With your generous support, thousands of indigenous peoples will gain access to sustainable electricity and clean energy – giving them hope for a better future

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