Pstr. Cris Obelidor

CEO, Trigo Para Sa Tribo Org. Inc.

Implementing Partner, LITD Alliance

Faith, compassion, and leadership fuel Pastor Cris’ seventeen years of fervent service to the Dumagat Indigenous Peoples community in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Through his ministry in the Faith in Christ Alone Church (FICAC), he continuously nurtures the faith of the IP’s in the communities he serves.


In 2011, Pastor Cris founded the Trigo Para Sa Tribo Org. Inc (TPST) as the humanitarian arm of the church. From then on, TPST has been actively serving the community through various development projects. With the help of different concerned groups, TPST was able to put up a K-3 school that provides free education to the Dumagat Children living in the community. Volunteer teachers with little to no pay serve eight hours of service every day to teach in the Faith In Christ Alone Academy.


Pastor Cris’ vision for the community is rooted in his faith in God, and from there he sees that sustainable development in the community could be achieved through education.



Pastor Cris loves to hike and he also guides tourists who want to explore the Sierra Madre Mountains. 

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