Please help us reach our NGO status

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Please be informed that LITD Alliance is yet to be legally recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines as a non-stock, non-profit corporation.


As a legal requirement for registration, we need to raise PHP 1 Million (CAD 25,000.00) to prove our financial capabilities. We need your help to make us a bona fide foundation. (For more information about the SEC Requirements for Foundations, click here

For the meantime, we are operating under the auspices of the SEC Registration of  our Implementing Partner,  Trigo Para Sa Tribo Org. Inc. with information as follows:


Organization Official Name:                                                                       

Trigo Para Sa Tribo Org. Inc.


Securities and Exchange Commission Registration Number:             


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We are glad to mail you your tax-deductible donation official receipts if you desire to. Kindly note that these could be honored only within the Philippines. Please give us an email at 

We appreciate your kind help and we assure you that your help will be directed to the development of the communities.

LITD Alliance supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals