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Engr. Arcie Salazar 

Technical Partner LITD Alliance 

Entrepreneur, LightUP Engineering & Solar Enterprise


Arcie, a good husband and a father of three lovely kids,  hails from Pandi, Bulacan.  He is a  graduate of the electrical engineering program of Bulacan State University and since then, he has been practicing the profession for 16 years.  His career focus lies mainly on different power systems related to TV broadcasting on one of the Philippines' premier TV station. In 2017, he changed gears and become one of the emerging entrepreneurs actively promoting renewable energy in the country. He founded the LightUp Engineering and Solar Enterprise and successfully completed numerous projects for grid-tied and off-grid solar PV systems for residential and commercial applications.  


At the same time, Arcie advocates his passion for renewables even to greater heights. He serves as an instructor for solar PV technologies and has been training like-minded future entrepreneurs who will drive the future of renewable energy in the country. He joined LITD Alliance as a technical partner and continuously shares his technical expertise in the area of solar PVs. 




LightUP Engineering and Solar Enterprise is a proud partner of the LITD Alliance. 

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