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LITD Logo spelled using the "Baybayin" -- the ancient Filipino form of alphabet

LITD or Light in the Darkness is a non-profit organization founded to create a direct, life changing impact to the lives of the Dumagat (indigenous) community in the Sierra Madre Mountains (Philippines). By giving the community the opportunity to see the night in a different way, we believe that the SOLAR LIGHTING SYSTEMS we design could help transform the community to see a brighter future. “Light gives hope, and hope could transform this community” says Pastor Cris Obelidor, CEO of Trigo Para Sa Tribu (TPST) Org. (an NGO) and Co-Founder of LITD.

MSc. in Sustainable Energy Development is a graduate program offered at the University of Calgary

Another co-founder, Marvin Mayo, a graduate student of the MSc. in Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) at the University of Calgary, made a study on how sustainable electricity could help improve the lives of the small Dumagat community served by TPST. In his study, Mayo developed a robust, efficient and cost-effective designs for two systems: solar home lighting system (SHLS) and a solar micro-grid system. SHLS serves each household, while the micro-grid provides lighting, ventilation and auxiliary electricity for a church, community center and the nearby K3 Schools.

Stemming out from the research is the LITD Alliance that is charged to implement the research outcomes. Having coined the project name as “The Dumagat Community Solar Project”, LITD aims to install 30 units of SHLS and the micro-grid in the community starting February 2019.

“We believe that there are a lot of people share the same value and vision as us. And a collective contribution from individuals, organizations and firms could lead to the success of this project.”, Mayo said.

Currently, LITD is consists of the Trigo Para Sa Tribu (TPST), SALFER Engineering & Solar Enterprises, ColloquiumPH, PSME-CRSA (Riyadh) and many individuals that have given their financial support through our crowdfunding website (visit LITD aims to raise CAD 10,000.00 (PhP 400,000.00) for the project. The alliance is open for interested individuals, groups or institutions willing to help. Email:

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Light in the Darkness Alliance

LITD Alliance is a non-profit organization that originated from Calgary and is based in Manila. We are focused on providing remote indigenous peoples' communities in the Philippines, access to clean and sustainable electricity.

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With your generous support, thousands of indigenous peoples will gain access to sustainable electricity and clean energy – giving them hope for a better future

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