We want to hear about what you have to say about promoting anything about sustainability. 

  • Sharing your experiences and/or ideas on how we can protect the environment, uphold social inclusion and promote economic growth could be a great thought-provoking article that would open the eyes of our readers

  • Giving us your thoughts about innovations and new technologies that you want to review e.g. circular economy, waste-to-energy technology breakthrough, sustainable manufacturing or consumption are some of the topics of interest

  • Shout out your opinion on important matters surrounding sustainability, climate change issues, renewable energy technologies, and even on the 17 goals of the UNSDGs.

Preferably not more than 500 words and make it colorful with graphics and all the wonderful stuff!



Whether in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, if you believe in what we believe, then let's unite. We need your support!


As an influencer, you can actively share and become an online steward in promoting the advocacy of LITD on social media. 


Being on-site doing the action is really amazing & fun! Not to mention the trekking part and the eye-catching sceneries on the mountains that reconnect us with nature as we travel along the trails to the communities we serve.


Our technical steward volunteers will undergo theoretical & workshop training on off-grid solar PV systems as well as the Sustainability 101 module.


Once equipped with the knowledge and proper training, we will altogether put these things into action. Your team will be partnered with a family on whom you could share your knowledge about what you've learned and have the opportunity to install the lighting systems in their homes.


Bear in mind that these homes haven't experience having electricity at night (since the beginning of times) and being a part of this milestone in their lives is truly incredible.