whaT we do

We believe that access to sustainable energy is a fundamental human right for all people. According to a 2017 report released by IRENA*, 4.2 million households that equates to about 16 million people lacks access to electricity in the Philippines. 


Due to low energy demands, high infrastructure cost, and for some, isolated islands, the extension of the conventional grid access is highly unpractical


LITD recognizes this gap and through our community projects founded on the principles of sustainability, we use practical scientific and engineering approaches to promote sustainable development to the IP communities. 

*2017 Report by the International Renewable Energy Agency , click here for the report.


LITD Alliance develops off-grid energy systems such as solar photovoltaic systems, mini-hydropower plants, biomass energy and other indigenous energy resources that will provide sustainable electricity to these remote IP communities. Our solution strategy starts with engaging with the community, identifying their energy needs, creating harmonious relationships, building their capacity in terms of systems knowledge, and training them how to maintain and sustain these systems.  



We value the needs and concerns of the communities we serve. We listen to them and consider their aspirations to come-up with solutions.


Energy is a huge factor for promoting the development of education in the IP communities.

economic development

Sustainable energy is cheap compared to conventional kerosene lamps and candles in the long-term.

environment and well-being

Toxic fumes from burning fossil fuels for energy & lighting is a scientifically-proven health hazard.